Trends in Limited Office Interior Design 2020

Built-in shelves

Smaller offices require using all of the space resourcefully, which means that office storage needs to be upward. Built-in shelves into the wall can make for stylish, beautiful, as well as organized office storage space while not appearing clutter-like. They not only create a focal point for the small office, but they also help employees stay organized – think floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving which is great for storing both artefacts and items which help you work, as well as your own files and odds and ends. This also leaves more room for foot traffic and other furniture. Office interior decorators in Bangalore can come up with ideas to match every budget, space, and style.

Corner office desk

When it’s a home office, its usually the smallest room which is chosen for the same. These small rooms, and small office spaces too, sometimes cannot accommodate freestanding, regular desks. Enter corner, wraparound desks positioned next to windows and/or walls, which allows for all the work space one needs without eating up the foot traffic or cluttering up the room.


Just because an office space is a place of work, it does not mean that it has to be a stuffy, boring room. In the end, an office space, however small it might be or whether it is at home or a commercial space, in the end, it is the space where one wants to feel inspired to get work done. The colour one chooses is important when it comes to small offices, since it’s the brighter shades and neutral palettes such as eggshell white and abalone or pearl grey end up visually enlarging a small office space. Think a combination of neutral shades and bright ones, with the bright ones highlighting a wall.

Light office spaces

Natural light has a way of making the space seem expansive, so much so that one would hardly feel like they’re working at a desk indoors. Small offices require this more than most due to space constraints. If it’s a commercial space in a building in Bangalore, then small office interior design ideas say huge glass windows with blinds which allows enough light to stream in during daytime. If it’s a home office and not positioned near any window, think neutral, light colours which not only keep the look classic and expansive but also cheery and bright despite the lack of natural light.

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