There are times when you look at something and think — Perfect, there’s nothing better. Then someone tweaks it just a wee bit and it just blows you away. The most common place to experience this phenomenon is in your own home. You might think that everything is in its perfect place and why fix something that is not broken, but just minor shifts can make a huge difference.

Family Room with comfortable seating

Look at your family room, for example. It is where most families spend most of their day. It’s where all family members and friends sit and talk, share experiences, or just hang out. Start by making it more comfortable. The seating area, whether it is a sofa set or a diwan, or really just a mattress on the floor, should be welcoming and plush. Add some cushions for some support and a throw to keep warm when it gets chilly.

If there are kids at home, adapt the space to their needs as well. Smaller kids need more room to crawl and play so maybe rethink that large ornate sofa set that takes up half the room. Instead, an area rug with nesting tables that can be stacked to the side when not in use might be a more practical solution.

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